One evening in early 2005 some of our friends were sitting together and were discussing about visiting the Holy shrine to have Baba's Darshan. All of a sudden it was decided to form a group of our own and to put up a Bhandara at the Rail Patri and a base camp at Domail with the aim to help the yatris and darshanarthis provided we get the permission and space from the Shrine Board. Finally we tried our level best and was granted permission and space to put up a Bhandara at Rail Patri and the base camp at Domail to serve and help the yatris.  
  In this way Shri Bhole Bhandari Sewa Mandal was formed and by the grace of Baba we could merely collect Rs.2,25,000.00 in a span of few months which was sufficient (with one truck of food supply) to help the darshanarthis for about eighteen days.  
  Next year in 2006 more people came out to help our society with kind and cash and Rs. 5,25,000.00 was collected which helped the Samiti to serve the yatris for approx. forty five days with almost double the food supplies.  
  By 2007 people were aware of the Shri Bhole Bhandari Sewa Mandal and came flocking with folded hands, joined us and rendered their services for free to help the yatris from beginning of the yatra till the end of yatra at the camp. The collections this year had been outstanding to the tune of Rs.8,00,000.00. By now people from all over the country had come to know us and people from all walks of life offered Tan, Man, Dhan to make everything successful.  
  The collection was raised to Rs.9,00,000.00 in year 2008 and year 2009 with more and more people rendering their services in different fields.  
  In 2010, by the grace of almighty, thousands of people had already joined the group and all were ready to help and rendered their services for the mankind. The collection by donation this year was unexpected with Rs.20,00,000.00 approx. Shri Bhole Bhandari Sewa Mandal was able to help the yatris in a big way with all sorts of facilities. This year the base camp at Domail was also transformed into full fledged Bhandara with all the facilities.  
  The donation in year 2011 had increased to Rs. 32,00,000.00 approx. and in year 2012 to Rs. 35,00,000.00 approx.which itself shows the love and faith of the people for the yatris.  
  Shri Bhole Bhandari Sewa Mandal, while receiving the donation at one end had no difficulty in increasing the food supplies and other facilities at the base camp. In 2012 Shri Bhole Bhandari Sewa Mandal had requested for the permission to allow the samiti to put up some lights on the way to the Holy Shrine from the Shrine Board. Seeing our past performance and record, the permission to put up lights on way to Holy Shrine was granted. On 3rd July 2012, Domail to Barari Marg was illuminated with flood lights and the Governor had himself inaugurated the ceremony and was praiseworthy to the Samiti for the work done for the Humanity.  
  The Shri Bhole Bhandari Sewa Mandal had also increased the number of Toilets, hot water facility was available through Gas Geysers, R/O system (for pure drinking water) was also installed for the welfare of the pilgrims.  
  In 2013, another Bhandara was put up at Ranga Morh, near CRP check Post at the behest of the people. Lights were illuminated and extended on the Domail to Barari Marg. Announcement system was introduced for the missing people.  
  At present Shri Bhole Bhandari Sewa Mandal runs three Bhandaras in three different places on charitable basis. We are thankful to the J.K.Govt. and the Shrine Board for their cooperation and having faith in Shri Bhole Bhandari Sewa Mandal to do humanitarian services for the wellness of the country.